The Brotherhood of Time, were a group of people that used to spectate time... before they got their hands on time
machines. Since then, they have left a dragon tattoo as the sign of the brotherhood.
First Appearance The Impossible Man
Latest Appearance N/A

Operation 8000

The Brotherhood began their dangerous mission of time travelling in the year 8000. Their plan was to gain lots of money to create a destroyer of world, and it will never be known how that would work. Seeing as they cannot be affected by this travelling, they can do anything to themselves and be in perfect condition, but one thing needs to hold this together, and in operation 8000, its sunlight. The three members of the TA (The Beginner, The Writer and The Scientist ) stopped this from going on by stripping them off their machines and let time catch up to them and punish them.

Noticable members