Madame Adeline

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Madame Adeline commonly known as the Captain of the Kasterbright Space Pirates, She is a character mainly seen in the Spike Dimentos Series and has little involvement in the main TA RP.

General Info

Captain Madame Jade Nicole Adeline is the Daughter of Lord Garditus, leader of the Kasterbright Space Pirate Clan, and is last seen to be 12 years old. She is a blonde and constantly wears white shorts, a purple shirt, and a blue velvet jacket. She is very close towards Spike and once admitted wanting to Marry him, dispite the hefty age gap, species and his changing personallity.


At the age of 25 Spike was captured in a Pirate invasion on the planet Kerthia. That is when he met the Proud Captain Lord Garditus and his Daughter Madame Adeline. After some time of emprisonment and questioning Spike was hired as a crew member to Sail the seven Spaces. The Kasterbright Pirates often invaded many planets and stole tonnes of riches and oil, and eventually Spike was the Captains best man. Madame Adeline quickly fell for him but never said anything because after 4 years of pirating he had to flee into hiding due to having a bounty on his head.


Dispite being Space Pirates, The Kasterbright Clan are actually capable of time travel.

Just after Spike fled Lord Garditus put Madame Adeline in control of the Clan so he could rest more.