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The Rock Kind are a species, related to the weeping angels.


The Beginner

The Beginner has fought these monsters before.


The Beginner first encountered them in Rome, helping The Doctor to his TARDIS. A Roman Guard was well... guarding The Doctor 's TARDIS. He was gone. These beings caught The Doctor and were free'd, but it was hard. In the end, they got their teleportation devices against them, but it means they can roam... anywhere.


The Beginner wanted to show Mardock the wonders from the past. He showed him a park, 2011. Statues were there. At first, The Beginner didn't think of this, Mardock did. It caught The Beginner and it was a race to help him live. In the end, their life was taken away and put into Mardock's injured leg.

The Alliance

The statues were found in the Dalek Games . These were fought by The Beginner.