Shadow Beast

A Shadow Creature.

Shadow Creatures are known as disciples of Ninthen Dimentos but are truly followers of a higher league of evil that is hidden within the Mirror of Evil, Nethros.


They take two main forms, the more commonly as of recent is the Humanoid form but they originally took a beast form. As Research Continues it is concluded that the Humanoid and the Beast forms are In fact two different Subspecies of its origin.

Human form

Shadow creatures that take human forms are those of higher Intelligence, Many say they have been wished into existence through the use of The Ultimate Power. But others spread rumours that they are evil souls that never reached the after world. The first being proven true gives quite clear evidence that the seal between the Known Realm and the Mirror Realm is weakening and is allowing certain substances through, even though that is the case a small number of these creatures give of hints that they were from Ruion Origin although this may be untrue as they have also been known to copy the Beast forms of the Shadow Creature.

People say that these creatures are very dark and wear Hoods that cover what could possibly be a Face. They have much less Resistance to the Nether Sword due to the fact that they are made of Pure Dark Substances.

Beast form

The lesser seen Beast form is a shadow creature that has been created through genetic manipulation. This means that these Creatures were once a different species that has had its DNA corrupted to cause the body to change the structure. These Beings were often controlled by Ninthen Dimentos which shows that they were most likely created by him. The Body structure seems to be from the Kingdom of Hyrule showing that the Creature based itself on another Creature and that it has no true form of itself. It has also been discovered that the Ruion DNA located within the creature means that it was probably used to be a creature of Ruion origin before the DNA was corrupted.


Shadow creatures bare great similarity to the servants of Darkness, Shadowbeasts.