Shadowhunter Springborg Beast02

A Shadowbeast.

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These beasts are servants of Darkness.


The dark ritual in which these beasts are created is unknown. It is thought by some that Shadowbeasts are created by mixing the blood of a Disciple with the darkest energies and magicks that can be summoned by Darkness, forcing half-life to be created in the artificial body.


Shadowbeasts are masters of certain abilites. They can create weapons such as spears or knives out of solid shadow, as well as crafting metallic armor for themselves out of pure darkness. They can drift into a kind of invisibilty in which they flit in the corner of vision, meaning no-one can detect them. Using this ability drains them greatly, though. They can create black flames that burn you with cold, or project bursts of energy from their hands. Their most memorable ability, though, is the ability to transform into an orb of smoking, writhing darkness. In this form, they can travel through the air at great speeds and easily ambush any foe. This power allows for space travel as well, as Shadowbeasts do not need air or comfortable living conditions to survive, and are very durable.


Shadowbeasts flying in transport form.

Shadowbeasts are very dangerous, taking into account their various powers.