Sontaran warriors.

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One of The Doctor's greatest foes, these honor-obsessed warriors will do anything to defeat their many enemies.


These creatures, from the planet Sontar, are completly dedicated to war. Thier entire species is devoted to whatever war they are in. Currently, they have been in a war with the Rutans for centuries. The Sontarans have been at war with the Rutans for so long that they simply cannot remember why the war began. But, such is their single mindedness that they will never give in.


All Sontaran warriors are completely identical, due to the fact that, because breeding naturally takes too long and they need millions of new soldiers each day, they are all clones, born as adults from a single DNA strand. Each soldier is 5 feet tall and greatly muscled and bulky, with a light brown skin. Because of this, unhelmeted Sontarans are often described as looking like "a baked potato with legs". They generally take offense at this comparison.


Each and every Sontaran warrior is extremely strong, being able to break down steel doors with ease. They have great skill with a firearm, being able to pick off moving opponents from long distances without difficulty. Though being a "nurse" is considered the worst punishment, the Sontarans are skilled medical operatives.


Sontarans have very advanced weaponry. Originally, Sontaran guns looked a bit like oversized handguns that fired red bursts of erratic, hard to aim energy. These days, blaster rifles are about the size of "compact machine guns" and fire with lethal accuracy. Also, high ranking officers are given "batons", wand-like devices that can hypnotize, burn or kill enemies. The Sontaran motherships are shown having planet-destroying weapon capabilities.


Sontarans have few weaknesses. For one, their intelligence isn't exactly impressive, so combined with their high regard for honor in death, mocking their honor can get them to do just about anything without them realizing.

Secondly, they have a small feeding hole at the back of the neck called a probic vent. The vent absorbs energy which they feed on, but it is extremely sensitive, and hitting it can cause unconciousness or stabbing it will cause a horrific, painful but short death. The Sontarans believe that this means that they must always face their enemies head on in battle.