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The Destructer is a Time Lord from the early stages of the alliance. He is known to be a very violent man and has a secret...

First Appearance The Space Station and the General
Latest Appearance

His secret

He says he has a secret and knows about this alliance well. He ran off and everyone was looking for him, until he grabbed The Beginner and told The Beginner that The Destructer was him! He fell into a mystic hole and became evil. He can rupture time on a massive scale but he won't be harmed thanks to the mystic hole.

End of his Reign

The Beginner travelled back and stopped himself from falling into the mystic hole. Of course this would create a paradox, but since one reality of falling into the hole happened, it's mysterious ways work, making it not a paradox.


The Space Station and the General

This was the first villain introduced in the new roleplay series of episodes.


The Beginner in his Destructer form which then never happened