The founders incarnation.


He is an authority figure,agressive. Barely popping jokes.


The "desktop theme" of his TARDIS is that of a theater with, where the stage usually stands, a console. It also has a weapon cache behind the curtains in the stage.


Most of the Inventors early life is unknown, though he has said to have been a teacher before Gallifrey was destroyed. It is unknown whether this is true or not. It is known that he was on the front line in the Time War. It is unknown how he escaped. Some say he ran away. Others say he escaped the time lock. Rumors float about. Sometime in Earth the Inventor, ironically, became a doctor. The Inventor joined the Timelord Alliance, looking for adventure. Sometime later, he landed in a city, and saw a demon-like creature. As always, he pulled out his revolver and shot it. But it did nothing. Nothing at all. The Demon-like creature attacked him, sending him into a paralyzed state. Next thing he knew he was back up. The Inventor followed his feeling and ran for his life. Sometime later, he ended up meeting a Timelord named the Scientist. The Inventor's excitement for the situation was immense. He brought him to London at Christmas. Soon after, the Scientist and the Inventor went into the Writer's TARDIS, where they encountered the Outlaw. The Inventor continously taunted him, but the Outlaw took no notice of it.

The Outlaw took a shot at the Inventor, saying he was acting so brave yet he hardly acted for the T.A. Later on, the Inventor was highly amused to discover the Outlaw's true identity as Ramasus Ei Valinus, a fellow Timelord.


The Inventor got shot. He was dying. He told the Scientist to live his legacy,make it better. Then he changed. He was rambling about egg's for ages. He calmed down. Feeling in need for a change he discarded his other name,adopting a new one. The Founder.

Continued involvement.

It was eventually revealed an ally off his allies was a Dalek.

It was revealed the council off the daleks,wanted to place them in type off hunger games kind off thing. He questioned the reasoning.

They were on a ship,they eventually landed,they got sucked out,the sontaran's took them to a place. The Founder and the Scientist whispered saying "I don't trust Sontaran's." The founder said,"I don't think anyone does." The Scientist agreed.