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The Hero

Home Planet



Timelord, Human


1478 (Immortal)

Sonic Device

Sonic Pen

Other Tools

Vortex Minipulator

Tardis Type

Type 58

The Hero

The Hero is a Timelord who fought in the Great Time War who barely survived. He is a regular character in the roleplay.

First Appearance Evil Professor Saga
Latest Appearance Dear Diary

He has been with the Timelord alliance for quite some time now; spreading his crazy anticas around the place. He was first seen by the group as they were in a car. Out of nowhere he had popped out of the boot. That was when his legacy began. Behind the Scenes in the Episodes he is played by the user Coplacrocks. As Coplacrocks name is shown on the main page of this wiki. He has been in it since around 2011

The Hero left the roleplay for a short while during the Dalek Games Saga, He clearly had something important to do. The Hero was at the age 1478 when he left, then returning in episode 5, being only 1267; showing that he is a past Hero.


The Hero's TARDIS is the only Type 58 Left it the Universe. So its very precious to him. But studys somebody had discovered (Seen by the current Hero), State the The Sun, Is his TARDIS. The Hero didn't beleive this.