The Impossible Man


The Scientist, The Writer, The Beginner, Nom Om

Main enemy

Randy Conas, Brotherhood of time








The Final Hour


The Rise of the Dark Being

A man, cuts himself, taking out pieces of his flesh, and one second later its back. How does he do it? It drives the crowd wild too. The Writer examines the flesh bits, whilst the Beginner lands in the circus area to talk with this impossible man. When the find his DNA after the encounter, the duo find out he doesn't have any. They travel to a future show of his, to find themselves caught up with The Scientist. A familiar robot comes along to help them too. Nom Om appears for the first time after a long time! They scan that he is actually from 300 years before 8000, yet he is 25. The Beginner gets teleported to the basement of the theatre, after finding out the Randy is part of a Brotherhood of time that is getting currency. The Science looks for the two, after The Writer was taken, whereas The Writer chucks a backpack, giving The Beginner a puzzle. The puzzle helpted The Scientist track them down. In the end, the three members remove the time machines and let time catch up to them and punish them. They bid each other farewell.