The Puzzle Gods


The Scientist, The Writer, The Beginner

Main enemy

The Puzzle Gods (villain), Vashta Nerada (controlled by The Puzzle Gods)


The Puzzle God's Labyrinth






The Rise of the Dark Being


Dear Diary

The Writer and The Beginner have been pulled out of their timestreams to be destoryed! A mysterious voice comes from this new area they have landed at, and locks their TARDIS doors and stores them away, The Beginner and Writer manage to solve the first puzzle, discovering that this voice is one of the "Puzzle Gods" and wants to destroy these two members or more from the Alliance if they fail the puzzles, It then locks them in seperate rooms with the other persons strength puzzle. The Scientist lands and also gets involved with complications of the Puzzle Gods. They get trapped in a room with Vashta Nerada going at them, but The Beginner sits still. The Puzzle God tells the Vashta to stop, because they need them to go through puzzles, so they do a trade, a feast of a life time for the gods, in exchange for their lives.