The Writer
The Writer
Offsted Examiner Tina Wells, Roman Goddess of the sewers Cloacina, and Kim Petras
Story arcs
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Any powers gained by the Chrasteon items, Regeneration.
Alive, Active
Timelord Alliance Member
Timelord Alliance, The Headmaster (daughter), The Professor.
Was New Gallifrey (in an alternate dimension) until destroyed
Portrayed by
Hackman597, HannahOFlaherty597

The Writer, was an enigmatic, and eccentric Gallifreyan who was a participant in the Time War, she survived her apparent demise, and has been working with The Time Lord Alliance since, she travels in her TARDIS fighting evil with her, Sonic Toothbrush.


Early Life

Not much is known about The Writer's early life, her parents, or her true origins.

What is known is that The Writer failed all subjects she had took at the Academy, except, TARDIS growing and Interior building, She had learnt many techniques such as Transcendental engineering, Multi-flavour cooking, and Teleportation devices. she later on discovered an amulet, which gave infinite regenerations the wearer, when The Headmaster shattered it, some landed in her throat and replaced her first heart. The Writer also failed in Geography, TARDIS Flying, Laws of Time, and Laws of Space, However her eagerness to protect her tutors daughter, Rosalinda, earned her the right to fly her own TARDIS she had created, The chameleon circuit function correctly twice, but it had became stuck as a fridge and police box during those times, while Rosalinda was lost in the vortex due to unknown circumstances.

The Writer first came into the Timelord Alliance by accident, discovering an alternate universe in a crack in time. She has since then grown to the Alliance, and does not want to leave. She has been possessed by demons, such as Discord and almost fell into a trap created by Manhiel. She uses her Sonic Toothbrush to try and get out of situations, however she has had to recreate her own models because in one, unseen, occasion, a Zygon, disguised as a dog chewed on it and broke the circuits. The Writer was seen as the only female in the Alliance until Athena and The Composer joined.

First Appearance The Crack Between Dimensions
Lastest Appearance Alternation