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    Dropped storylines

    September 2, 2013 by TrueFloppy

    Had a story that never came to fruition?

    I've had plenty especially alternate scenarios and continuations of already established story arcs. The one that sticks with me the most was what later became The Saga of Deroth. The idea was after his death Ramasus was sent to Hell, to serve eternally for his sins-- and a darker saga would unravel showing the history of the Valinus family including an ancient curse.

    This was later retconned with me deciding to go with their clone origin, I also liked the idea of Deroth being ONE of billions of demonic dimensions. I still consider re-visiting these dropped stories though.

    Here's a few others:

    • Manhiel was originally intended to be a future incarnation of Ramasus Ei Valinus-- one driven insane by his exp…
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    What Needs To Be Done

    August 19, 2013 by TrueFloppy

    This Wikia is most likely only visited by us, but I still have the desire to change the site's current format into something more presentable I like to think me, and Spike are doing a relatively good job at doing this, but there's still a lot that needs to be done, a lot of information has to be covered, and a lot of articles need revamping to be of a certain quality.

    So what needs to be done?

    I'm composing a list of things I think are relatively important and are what I will personally be working on throughout the upcoming weeks.

    • Categorization - I think we should keep it fairly basic; articles that contain information about characters should be labeled by the series that the particular individual appears in, for example the character of The…
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    Favourite Jelly Babies?

    August 16, 2013 by TrueFloppy

    I was always partial to the red ones myself.

    This blog is more or less a test to see whether or not the blog section of the website works-- and if it does, well, then you're reading this. I have recently re-joined The Alliance, I left by choice mainly to put an end to roleplay in general, it was eating way too much of my time, and having just gotten a job at the time I was headset on changing, but recently I came to the realization that it was not necessary to leave the group, or stop doing something I love. Its escapism, and lately I've been needing it more than ever.

    I plan on keeping Ramasus dead (for how long is the question) and Eurybus will be my main character, but I do plan on introducing a new anti-hero / occasional villain for Eur…

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